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Packing List for your Trip in Greece

Packing List for your Trip in Greece

Greece is a top destination all year round, but it is surely most visited in the summertime. If you are planning a trip to Greece this summer, check out this packing list with all the essentials you’ll need.

Nestled in between the beautiful crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the beauty of the Balcan landscapes, Greece is a top destination all year round. However, Greece is at its peak in summer. Whether you’re exploring the incredible archaeological sites, hitting the islands for some relaxation, or drinking some ouzo at the country’s hippest cocktail spots, Greece is bound to amaze you.

If you are planning a trip to Greece this summer, check out here the ideal packing list. It includes some basic packing tips, tips for the weather, dressing habits in Greece, and other essentials for a fun holiday in Greece.

Basic packing tips

Whenever you set off on a trip, there are a few things you can’t forget. You’ll need your identification, trip paperwork, and medications.

No matter what else you pack, don’t forget:

  • Wallet: With ID, passport, cash, and cards
  • Travel Documents: Including travel insurance and visa paperwork if needed
  • Medications: Daily, necessary, and allergy – carry extras, copies of prescriptions, and generic names of medicines 

Make an extra copy of the front page of your passport and your credit cards in case of loss.

Must-haves on your packing list

Greece in summer more than often has scorching temperatures in the months of July and August, thus there are just some things you cannot not take with you. Furthermore, due to culture, religion, nature or even infrastructure there are some essential clothes you should bring along.

First and foremost, you can’t go to Greece in summer without sunscreen, bug spray, mosquito anti-itch ointment, sunglasses, and a hat. After all, it is essential to protect yourself from the hot temperatures and any mosquito bites.

The vibe in Greece is casual and laid back. Still, you’re likely to go from the mountains to the sea and from the city to the country. So, it is wise to bring a thin jacket, durable sandals, or solid walking shoes as well as your swimsuit. Furthermore, if you are planning to visit a monastery, it is important to have rather modest clothes due to religious beliefs.

Electronics packing list

Hopefully, you can enjoy Greece’s natural beauty and history rather than spending time on your computer. But there are some electronics needed even when traveling.

  • Laptop and charger (if needed)
  • Tablet and charger
  • Smartphone, headphones, and charger
  • Kindle and charger
  • Adapters/converters (Greece uses the “Euro” plug)
  • Camera, memory cards, connecting cables, and charger (if needed)
  • External battery