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Mount Athos and Meteora: the two most unique and sacred places in Greece

Mount Athos and Meteora

Have you ever desired to be in a place full of serenity and holiness? Check out the most sacred and unique religious place in Greece for a divine experience.

Greece undoubtedly is known for its beautiful and rich ancient history and mythology. Yet, it is also a land of bountiful Christian traditions and history. That’s why no matter where you go, you will certainly find a sacred Christian spot with ancient relics.

Also, you will find many religious buildings, from large monasteries and massive cathedrals to beautiful churches and small chapels.

Still, there are some places that are beyond impressive. Not only are they unique, but they also have a celestial character that can help anyone come closer to the divine. Some of these places can also be found in Greece, and everyone should visit if possible.

Specifically, they are Mount Athos and Meteora.

Mount Athos Agia Anna guesthouse

Mt Athos, Halkidiki

Mount Athos is one of the most important centers of the Orthodox Christian world, consisting of more than 20 monasteries and about 2,000 monks from Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, and Serbia.

Located on the third peninsula of Halkidiki, it is home to the oldest surviving monastic community on Earth.

The monk’s lifestyle hasn’t changed since the first monks arrived in the ninth century. And even though monks can live in any of the monasteries, many choose to live in complete isolation.

Meteora, Thessaly

In the region of Thessaly, you will find Meteora. This otherworldly destination is a true wonder of nature, with huge steep rocks looking as if they are “flying mid-sky,” as their name suggests.

Perched on Meteora, you will find breathtaking medieval monasteries and hermitages.

Apart from marveling at the landscape and capturing incredible shots, you can visit each monastery and explore more of its history.