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How To Spend The Perfect Weekend in Halkidiki

How To Spend The Perfect Weekend in Halkidiki

For the perfect weekend getaway in Halkidiki, check out our guide for the perfect plan full of exciting tours, beach days, delicious food, and discovering fantastic historical sites.

Halkidiki peninsula is a beautiful destination in Greece, offering great experiences. Whether you are looking for a quiet trip that will rejuvenate you or an adventurous trip filled with exciting tours, Halkidiki has it all. After all, this is an area with glorious nature, landscapes, as well as historical and cultural must-sees.

Halkidiki is divided into three peninsulas Kassandra, Sithonia, and Mount Athos. Each peninsula is unique and depending on your preferences, you can choose to spend a relaxing weekend at the beach or a thrilling weekend discovering the natural world of Halkidiki.

No matter what you choose to do during your weekend trip, every day should start with a filling breakfast. Every beach bar in Halkidiki offers great dishes to satisfy your hunger. However, the best authentic Greek breakfast can be found in any local bakery. Greek pastries are absolutely delicious. You can try both savory and sweet flavors, so whichever is your preference for breakfast, you will find it. And, of course, add in a Greek coffee, and you are ready for an exciting day.

After a delicious breakfast, start your Halkidiki adventure on the beach. Most of the beaches in Halkidiki feature unspoiled nature, stunning views of the Aegean sea, and pristine blue waters. If you are looking for a rather cosmopolitan ambiance with organized and crowded beaches, head to Kassandra. Otherwise, Sithonia and Athos have quieter or more adventurous beaches.

After exploring Halkidiki’s beautiful beaches, go for a stroll around the towns and villages and explore the fantastic traditional Greek architecture. Learn more about the culture and history of Halkidiki by visiting villages such as Afitos, Arnaia, and Nikiti. Meanwhile, while exploring the charming traditional villages, enjoy the gorgeous pine forests, nature paths, and sea views. 

Exploring Halkidiki’s folk villages and exploring its beautiful nature will definitely give you a taste of the area’s culture. But you can’t visit Greece without visiting ancient historical sites.

For a weekend trip, a must-visit destination is the ancient city of Stagira which was Aristotle’s hometown. By following the Aristotle Path Hiking tour, you have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the great philosopher. Enrich your knowledge about his inheritance while hiking in Halkidiki and uncover the historical significance of this place.

This Halkidiki trekking tour is guided by experienced tour guides directing you in crossing the path of the Father of Western Philosophy. To end the perfect weekend getaway, experience Halkidiki’s lively nightlife. When the sun comes down, Kassandra turns into the center of Halkidiki’s nightlife. Kallithea is the most popular destination in Kassandra when it comes to nightlife.

You can choose from pleasant cafes and cocktail bars to premium clubs that promise unforgettable nights. Some of the best nightlife venues are open-air clubs and bars. And the best part is that the party does not finish until the early morning hours, so make sure to wait for dawn under the open sky!