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Differences between swimming in a pool and the sea

Differences between swimming in a pool and the sea

Swimming in a pool is a fun hobby many people practice. But when thinking of a summer vacations in Greece, most people are eager to swim in the sea.

Generally, most people learn to swim in a pool with a reliable instructor and in a safe environment. But many prefer to swim in the sea. Of course, that can also depend on the location. For example, Greece is famous for its beautiful beaches with clear and safe waters. So, both locals and visitors love swimming in Greece’s sea. 

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With all that being said let’s see how swimming in the sea differs from swimming in a pool.

Pools are always surrounded by people

Every swimming pool has people around, including lifeguards, friends, and family. On the other hand, although most organized beaches have lifeguards, as well as facilities such as water sports and restaurants, many other beaches are remote and isolated without any infrastructure. Therefore, pools can be safer, meaning there is always someone to help out in dangerous situations.

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The sea can be unpredictable

Generally, pools are designed to have consistent conditions. But the sea is an entity on its own and is affected by different climatic conditions. Therefore, the sea can be very unpredictable. It can change from day to day and even from one minute to the next. For instance, the tide and weather conditions constantly change, so you should never become complacent and assume you “know” a certain beach.

Temperature and Visibility

Greece is famous for its clean, pristine beaches, but still, the sea’s visibility is not as clear as in a pool. Therefore, swimming in the sea requires far greater awareness of your surroundings. Furthermore, the sea’s temperature is often colder than a pool, meaning it can be challenging for swimmers.

The sea has better buoyancy

One might think it is harder to swim in the sea rather than in a pool, but actually, if you find it difficult to float, you should know that the sea gives you greater buoyancy thanks to its salt content. So, when swimming, you tend to sit higher in water, and floating requires less effort.