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5 Reasons for Traveling to Greece in the Low Season

5 Reasons for Traveling to Greece in the Low Season

Halkidiki is known for its beaches! Greece is mostly visited for its sunny days! Then, why should you visit Greece in the low season? We give you 5 reasons.

The low season in Greece starts in October and lasts until the end of April. That’s basically winter, you may argue!

Why should you visit Halkidiki in a period you cannot go to the beach? There’s no denying that Greece is known for its bright sun, the beautiful beaches, and the great summers.

But here, we give you 5 good reasons why a trip to Halkidiki in the low season is a wise choice.

Less crowded

There are fewer visitors in the low season compared to the mid and high seasons. It’s no wonder! Only a few people love to travel in the winter and most of them cannot leave due to their work and overall family obligations, anyway. But that’s the beauty of it! You get the chance to enjoy Halkidiki without the crowd.

Lower rates

All rates are low in the off season. You can book a room at Le Grand Reve at lower rates, find better air tickets, pay less when you eat – you name it.

Better service

When restaurants, museums, bars, and all the places you go are not crowded, the service is better. You don’t wait to be served and you are served with a smile.

Nice weather

Halkidiki is awesome in the winter. What’s more, the cold months don’t last for long in Greece. Towards the end of the low season, the weather gets better. Some dare to swim even in March. Overall, the weather is usually mild and thus allows you to enjoy your holidays.

Awesome landscapes

Halkidiki is known for its magnificent beaches, but also its mountainous areas. And some landscapes look even nicer during the winter or when they bloom in the early spring. At the same time, the beaches are empty and still unspoiled from the summer crowds –perfect scenery for a walk.